Gay Rights at Southern Seminary

On Monday March 26, 2007, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary was visited by gay rights activists from Soulforce. Read more here. They call themselves Resistance Riders.

This sit-in protest can only be described as an ambush. No formal request by Soulforce to meet with Dr. Albert Mohler was issued. Formality was discarded in favor of surprise. The actions of those who wish Mohler to rescind his harmful comments on the biological reversal of homosexuality have only damaged their cause.

What has not been reported in the news is what I am reporting here.

Tuesday March 27, 2007 did not see a normal chapel service for Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Naturally, due to the events of the day before, security was heavy and Dr. Albert Mohler addressed the student body about the Gay Rights demonstration. What is striking about his comments was the humility shown in his words. There was no hint of revenge, no anger or shock. Only compassion and grace.

After the service when the public broadcast had ended, Dr. Mohler led the student body in a concert of loving prayer for the protesters. Students sitting in various places in Alumni Chapel sent up prayers for the campus and the homosexual activists. There was no condemnation. There was only heartfelt love for the protesters as people. Yes, it was made clear that their choices were wrong, but that God loves them as well. It is rare to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in a place as strongly as was represented that day.

Prayers were also lifted up on behalf of the Seminary community asking for God’s grace that we would NOT become cynical or boastful in our attitudes toward those who would do us harm. We were reminded that even seminarians are sinners. We come to God with repentant hearts as well and our sin is no less insulting to God than those suffering in homosexuality.

I left chapel that day with a greater respect for Dr. Mohler and Southern Seminary. I thank God for allowing me to come to this place to experience loving examples of Christianity.

What transpired at chapel that day will never make it to the news media. It was neither negative nor confrontational. The homosexual lifestyle is biblically wrong. We will not deny that fact. But Evangelical Christians prayed for people as people, not enemies.


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