Beginning Thoughts Toward a Theology of Beauty

God created all things beautiful because all things come from and represent the one true beautiful Creator. The idea of beauty stems from those things that call out to us, drawing us to observe them. Their allure is so attractive to us because ultimately all things attract us to the God who created them. The landscape that causes us to stop and realize how small we really are, the sunset that reveals colors too awesome to capture in a painting all point to a reality beyond us. The beauty of God that we strive for is all around us in the art we create and the nature we admire.

The Greek word kaleo means to call or beckon. The Greeks have a similar word to kalon meaning good or beautiful. Both words are similar for a reason. The beauty of someone calls to us. This allure is what makes it beautiful. God himself calls his creation through his beauty. True beauty is the attractiveness of whatever is truly good for us.

This is why the early Christians depicted the evil Satan as a beautiful young man or woman. Satan takes this allure that attracts us and copies it in an attempt to confuse mankind. His motives have always been and will always continue to be to become greater than God. The fall of Adam and Eve circle this deception. They substituted the allure of obedience to God with the allure of the fruit.


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