Discernment in thinking about Art

I have come to the conclusion that Art in and of itself is not the problem to be feared in the Church. Idolatry is most definitely warned against in Scripture, and by all means should be avoided in the Church. Yet there is a difference between eliminating images all together out of fear of idolatry and embracing images with discernment. At the heart of the debate between Evangelical iconoclasts and iconodules is the proper discernment in how to think about and use Art within the worship space. Proper discernment is receiving guidance from our Lord on what is good and what is best. Evangelicals must always seek what our Lord teaches as best in worship. Improper discernment leads to idolatry. Proper discernment leads to illumination.



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  1. Perhaps my subconscious capitalized Art because of His importance in the discernment.

  2. I loved this post and the idea of using Spirit given discernment in thinking about art. I noticed that you capitalized the word Art. I am curious if this is because of the majesty that our Lord can imbue through His Art?

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