Artists are invited to Create by God

Those gifted with the ability to create art are given a special gift indeed. This is only one of the many characteristics imparted to mankind from God the Father as the Creator of all. If He creates, he is only happy to allow his creation to follow in creating as well. The problem of idolatry comes when man feels that he is somehow God himself while creating art. There in lies the confusion for the artist. The art one creates is not truly his possession. All artistic expression belongs to God as the result of God’s gracious gift of talent, materials, subject matter, and ability to appreciate beauty. God has been involved with his creation long before physical matter was spoken into being. As such, he graciously allows Christians to participate in the creation of beauty.

If God is the Creator of all things created, then those created in his image, imago Dei, are priviliged to be asked to create by the Creator and in like manner of the Creator.


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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog on are a good art teacher at art.Keep writing about art and how it is used by GOD. Josiah

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