Religious Art ripe for rebirth

…the rediscovery of the expressive element in art since about 1900 is a
decisive event for the relation of religion and the visual arts. It has made
religious art again possible.

The predominance of the expressive style in contemporary art is a chace for
the rebirth of religious art. Not each of the varieties of this style is equally
adequate to express religious symbols. But most of them definitely are. Whether
and to what degree, the artists (and the churches) will use this opportunity
cannot be anticipated. It is partly dependent on the destiny of the traditional
religious symbols themselves in their development during the next decades. The
only thing we can do is to keep ourselves open for a new rise of religious art
through the expressive style in the art of today.

— Paul Tillich
Theology of Culture, 1959
Paul Tillich. Theology of Culture (Oxford Univeristy Press; New York 1959) pp 74-75.

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