Just Dirt

Dear Clintwood Baptist Church Family,

A new year is before us.

A tragic winter storm is behind us.

As I sit and reflect on the coming year, I am struck at how, in His divine wisdom, God created the concept of starting new things. Leaving the past behind and embracing a new future, points to salvation. All of mankind is in a sinful, fallen, separated state from their Creator God. Each of us are dirt.

Jesus teaches in his “The Kingdom of God is…” parables, that the Kingdom is like a hidden seed in the fertile ground, growing unseen, forgotten, until the time of harvest when there will be a time to gather the ripe fruit. The Kingdom of God ushers in a new beginning for those who listen to and embrace the calling of the Holy Spirit, richly receiving the seed.

Parable of the Sower — Mark 4:1-20
Parable of the Lamp and Measure — Mark 4:21-25
Parable of the Secret Seed — Mark 4:26-29
Parable of the Mustard Seed — Mark 4:30-34

What seed has our Lord planted in your life? What is growing inside your spirit, waiting for the right time to be harvested? Remember, we do not plant the seed. Only God himself does that. It is up to all true Christians to receive the seed warmly and allow that seed to grow, waiting for the time that our Lord will call for a harvest.

Are you aware of any spiritual seed that our Lord has planted in you? What good thing is growing, waiting for the time of harvest for the Kingdom of God?

I pray that in 2010, everyone in our church family will be fertile soil, warmly welcoming the Father’s seed as part of His Kingdom.

Happy New Year, everyone.
May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you.

In HIS Grip,

Pastor Bryant


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