Fresh & New

I was struck yesterday by a feeling that the art hanging on my walls was suddenly boring. The urge to change this art came upon me and I contemplated which pieces in storage would replace the current display. Art brings a sense of calm  to my office. When I first hung the works four months ago, the space felt complete. It felt as if the room was somehow my space. The art for me was familiar and complete. The newness of the art to others who saw it for the first time brought compliments.

But there is a time where the newness of the art is no longer fresh. The attraction to these pieces has faded. I want to update the paintings with others that I have in storage.

Art galleries do the same thing. They are constantly looking for fresh and new pieces for showcasing the new.

I wonder if true beauty is fleeting like the attraction to freshly hung art?

The art that continues to grab our attention throughout history are the masterpieces of days gone by. It is the very longevity of masterworks, like Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, that emit a genuine beauty.

Likewise, the longevity of a good marriage reveals to a husband the truest beauty of his wife.

God encompasses all Goodness, Truth, and Beauty. He never changes. With this thought in mind, perhaps a proper Biblical theological definition of beauty involves time.


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