Losing grip

I have been compelled by a recent article by InterVarsity staff legend, Mack Stiles. He warns how easy it is for those who assume the gospel of Jesus Christ to quickly, without realizing it, lose the gospel message.

He writes:

Losing the gospel doesn’t happen all at once; it’s more like a four-generation process.[2]

The gospel is accepted –>

The gospel is assumed –>

The gospel is confused –>

The gospel is lost

It is tragic for any generation to lose the gospel. But, as Philip Jensen says, the generation that assumes the gospel is the generation most responsible for the loss of the gospel.

I pray that this current generation of Christians do not assume they have a strong hold on the gospel. If they are not cautious, the truth of Christianity will slip right through their hands.

Mack’s article can be read in it’s entirety by clicking here.



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