Falling Down is Dangerous Business

Falling down can be dangerous business.

A feeling of helplessness sets in when one looks up from the ground to anyone standing.
It is this very place of helplessness that our Lord expects. It is only when one discovers his or her true position before Jesus Christ that genuine repentance and change takes place.

Jesus encountered, in his ministry, many people face down on the ground before him. He presented himself with compassionate authority while changing their lives.

Mark 5:6 reveals that a demon possessed man fell down before Jesus when he saw him. Even the demons fall down before the one authority over all creation. This man was restored and the legions of demons were cast into 2,000 pigs that fell into the sea.

Mark 6:1-6 tells the story of Jesus being rejected in his own hometown
of Nazareth. He received no honor there and was hindered in the miracles
he could do.

These two passages show something very important in the Kingdom
of God. Jesus Christ is moved to compassion when he sees humility
and helplessness. In contrast, Jesus’ compassion is hindered when
there is arrogance.

Falling down can be dangerous.

But it is where our Lord wants us to be before he lifts us back up
and strengthens us to serve in His kingdom.

May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you.

In HIS Grip,

Pastor Bryant


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