Importance of Death Before Resurrection

Death is part of living. It is often misunderstood accompanied by grief and emotional stress. When a dear friend or family member dies, those closest to him struggle to make sense of what does not seem right. Life is good. Death is not.

Jesus predicted his death many times throughout his ministry. The gospels point out that he spoke often to his disciples about what he must face. Mark 9:31-32 tells how Christ taught his disciples how the Son of Man must suffer at the hands of men and be killed. Yet he adds something truly amazing. “And when he is killed, after three days he will rise.” (v. 31).

How odd that Jesus spoke of death but then immediately stated how he would not remain dead. The disciples would have naturally been confused. You and I would have been as well. How often do we attend a funeral with the expectation of that person rising from the grave? It is impossible. This is why grief is so painfully real. Our loved one is gone and will not be back.

It is common for us all to celebrate during this season of remembering Christ’s death and resurrection with brightly colored eggs and candy. But do we all truly understand the significance of Christ’s words in Mark 9:31?

The disciples did not understand Jesus and were afraid to ask him for clarification. Likewise, many today do not truly understand the resurrection story as found in the gospels and are afraid to ask questions. After all, it would be embarrassing for one raised in the church to question what is central to the Christian faith.

But we must understand death in order to understand resurrection. We must all know that Jesus conquered death and thus conquered sin. That is, Jesus overcame the problem that all men and women face. There is an eternal separation from God because of sin. The result of sin is death (Romans 6:23). Jesus conquered death, the result of sin. Likewise he conquered sin.

Have you conquered sin? No one has done this without Jesus Christ. Trust him and he will help you understand what his resurrection truly means.

In HIS Grip,

Pastor Bryant


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