Entering the Kingdom is Hard

Imagine a child falling from a boat into the deep waters of a lake with no floatation device. He struggles to keep his head above the water. His parents watch in terror as their little boy is helplessly struggling against sinking deep. The father dives from the safety of his boat to rescue his son. He grabs him and holds him above the water so he can breathe. He struggles with the little boy who is frightened and stubborn at the same time. The child in the water is frantically trying to save himself, pushing his father away. “I can do this on my own daddy,” he sputters.

Again, the father tries to take hold of the drowning child pulling him to the safety of the boat. This time, the son is weakened by his struggle and collapses in his father’s arms. Soon, the son is back in the boat, safe, warm and dry, grateful for his father’s rescue. He is loyal to his father for the rest of his life, remembering the time when his father saved him from certain death.

The gospel truth, as found in scripture, is much like this story. All of mankind is struggling against drowning. When our rescuer grabs us from the water, how do we respond to that sacrifice?

Many seek salvation in our churches, but I am afraid their motivation is at fault. Our churches have been taught for decades that we must “ask Jesus into our hearts;” or “invite Christ into our lives;” or “make a decision for Christ.”

Does the drowning boy invite his father to join him in the water so they can drown together?

The gospels show that Jesus spoke of salvation as something impossible (Mark 9:24-27). Salvation is impossible for mankind, but is possible with God. “All things are possible with God,” (Mark 9:27). This passage is speaking of Salvation from our sin and separation from God. God the Son, Jesus Christ, rescues us.

The cost of redemption is high. Yet, churchgoers too often display a lack of gratitude for their rescue. All men and women, especially redeemed Christians, are expected to love God with everything they are (Mark 12:28-34; Deut. 6:4-5). I would argue that many who think they are saved from their sin are living a lie. The fruit many Christians display to the world is merely plastic. There is no real evidence of their commitment to Jesus Christ. He is the master and we are his slaves. Oh, what a wonderful savior. Oh what a glorious Lord and master.

In HIS Grip,
Pastor Bryant


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  1. Wow! That is where I want to be in His Grip. I’ve walked too much of my life without Jesus and my life has been a disaster. With Jesus, I have hard times but I am not alone and I move through the hard times easier. Thank you Pastor Bryant for a message to encourage me.


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