A Response to Donald Miller

This post is a response to a Donald Miller Post on March 3, 2011 about Truth being the enemy of Truth.

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Truth is Truth.

It is also very true that the full awareness or understanding of God is impossible for man. God is beyond all full understanding. God says so.

But, God has also revealed Himself in Scripture through Christ. In order to understand the truth He presents, we must first admit that we cannot understand without God’s revelation. If that revelation is through Scripture, then this is how man must submit to who God is.

The idea that God somehow reveals the truth about Himself in other “new” ways is contrary to what Scripture says. Nothing is new outside of the Scriptural revelation of God, His Son, and His Holy Spirit.

God can do what he wants, when He wants, and how He wants.

But to contradict Himself as revealed in Scripture is contrary to His revealed nature in Scripture.

Let the Christian faith not go down the road again of discovering a “new” revelation from God.

This IS heresy. Always has been heresy. Always will be heresy.


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  1. Thanks Bryant. Great post and a very needed word in the times we now live.

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