Coming ALIVE!

“Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come and the years draw near of which you will say, ‘I have no pleasure in them:’ ” — Ecclesiastes 12:1

Ecclesiastes speaks repeatedly about the value of fearing God. Fear is not an emotion that is encouraged among us. We face this emotion whenever we are in an unknown circumstance. Yet the fear in Ecclesiastes points to living in respect toward God, not living in terror.

Remember when you first felt the need for salvation? Do you remember when it became apparent that you had failed God in some way, that there was a desire to please Him? Do you remember when you submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and felt alive for the first time?

Living in the assurance of Jesus’ atonement is central to living eternally as Jesus promised. The young seem to always be confident. They defy death. They cannot fathom getting old or failing in health. Their dreams loom big. The future is a treasure to be grasped.

But as the years pass, youthful zeal fades. The future that was expected somehow never comes to be. Health deteriorates. Desire fails. Fear of the unknown takes over and we no longer know whom to trust or who to depend on. Even the youthful fire for pleasing God cools. Fear of God turns to fear of change. Yet God is the author of our lives and knows the seasons of life better than we do.

Clintwood Baptist Church will be coming alive in the month of May. We will agree to come together as a fellowship of Christians, from May 15-18, to celebrate our new lives through Christ’s blood. This time of revival is more importantly a time of being alive, an ALIVAL. No matter whether you are a new Christian or a sainted veteran of the faith, passionate desires to please our Creator often need to be rekindled. We often forget as the years pass how much our Father God loves us and desires our desire to please Him.

Coming alive in Christ means that we die to ourselves. Even as we age, we must daily die to our selfish wishes and submit to HIS Lordship. Are you eager to come alive in Christ? or are you satisfied in the days of no desire and no pleasure longing for the way life was rather than living the life that is today?

Come to Christ for the first time…or again. Either way, COME ALIVE!


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