Wednesday Night Wardrobe

“This is my favorite t-shirt. Can I wear it to youth group on Wednesday?”

Jake’s family are members of the church and Jake loves Wednesday night youth group. His favorite t-shirt promotes a heavy metal band whose music is known for great guitar licks and a smooth beat. But the band’s lyrics are often filled with hatred and vulgarities that Jake admits most adult church members would  not feel comfortable hearing.

Jake’s attitude lately has proven less than admirable. He is in trouble at school regularly and he hates coming to church on Sunday morning with his mother. He sometimes comes on Wednesday nights to youth group although his siblings attend faithfully.

Jake sees no problem in listening to the heavy-metal music and wearing his favorite t-shirt. After all it is just music so what is wrong with wearing his favorite t-shirt to church?

An adult at church asked Jake about his t-shirt one Wednesday night. The band was a popular 1980s band from his high school days. Now Jake feels uncomfortable at church.

What do you think? Should Jake wear t-shirts that promote secular music to Wednesday night youth group?

Please post your comments and I will weigh in with my opinion next week.



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  1. Some responses on the Facebook link to this blog post:

    Janet Genson I could not figure out how to post on the site…anyway….teens tend to need to try on different things. There is the testing out what a lifestyle is. often the more outrageous the attire the more the need to be loved. My thought at present is let him wear it, pray for him and allow God to work on his heart….
    20 hours ago · Like

    Billie Pigman depends on his attitude and the what the shirt says is he rebelious about it or does he really love the shirt like it’s comfortable i think. you know what your heart says is ok

    Deborah McKnight if he coming to Wed nite youth group I say yes. He could be doing something else, some where else.
    19 hours ago · Like · 1 person

    Josh Heather Wright Just got back tonight from ministering to the guys at the jail; alot of them come out to bible study on Thursday night and they have tattoos that look just like that shirt. I don’t tell them they must go back to their cell. The point is this, what else do we expect unregenerate lost youth who are molded and conformed to the culture to wear. Oh yeah, they practice some sort of “churchianity.” But the minute the amen is given they look, dress and smell just like the world; because they are of the world.
    15 hours ago · Like · 1 person

    Josh Heather Wright The issue goes alot deeper than just a t-shirt and music. Christians must constantly ask themselves “What I am wearing does it glorify God?” Even this supposed Christian t-shirt I am wearing. Does it honor God? What I am listening to does it glorify God? Does it bring glory to God’s ears. Whether it be secular music or even contemporary Christian music; because there is some contemporary Christian music that is not worthy to be called Christian. What I am watching on TV. My facebook account. My DVD collection. The books I read. “Does my life honor and glorify God?” or would I rather march off a cliff with the rest of the world?
    14 hours ago · Like

    Larry Odle they should have more respect for GODs house than that

  2. First of all, is Jake a Christian?

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