Dorothy Sayers on Creative Incarnation

Mind of the Maker - Dorothy Sayers A Quote from Dorothy Sayers on A Good God who Makes things that become Evil and His Creatively Holy response to it through the Incarnation.
“We must not, that is, try to behave as though the Fall had never occurred not yet say that the Fall was a Good Thing in itself. But we may redeem the Fall by a creative act.

That, according to the Christian doctrine, is the way that God behaved, and the only way in which we can behave if we want to be ‘as gods.’ The Fall had taken place and Evil had been called into active existence; the only way to transmute Evil into Good was to redeem it by creation. But, the Evil having been experienced, it could only be redeemed within the medium of experience–that is, by an incarnation in which experience was fully and freely in accordance with the Idea.”

— “Maker of All Things-Maker of Ill Things,” ch. 7. p 86
Mind of the Maker by Dorothy Sayers (9th edition, 1947)

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